I am a degree qualified registered Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Pharmacist and Havening Techniques Practitioner, working holistically with my clients to help achieve their health goals.  

  • Bachelor of Natural Medicine
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

I work with Asthma New Zealand Inc, and am proud to be associated with:

  • The Clinical Nutrition Association (CNA)
  • Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of NZ (mNMHNZ)

I have a passion for helping families with skin conditions, allergies, asthma, digestive health and trauma, including birth trauma. Having two children myself with asthma & eczema, I am well-tuned in and sympathetic to the stresses that come alongside this and I care very much about working compassionately alongside families to best support optimal health and wellbeing.

I offer one-on-one consultations for both adults and children and provide fully personalised, evidence-based health plans that are realistic and sustainable. I utilise a combination of nutrition, lifestyle and targeted nutritional and herbal support where necessary. Various testing or other interventions may be recommended on a case-by-case basis.

Alongside my formal qualifications I am also a certified Havening® Techniques practitioner. Havening is a psychosensory neuroscience based technique that is useful to address any anxiety, stresses, or past trauma that may be contributing to your health imbalance. Sometimes this can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Lifestyle & Nutrition: Our Keys to Sustainable Health

During our initial consultation together, I take a thorough case history while taking the time to really listen to what is going on for you. As part of this, a large focus will be on working through your lifestyle and diet, both of which play a huge role therapeutically when understood as such, so as best to support you sustainably. 

You will never leave with an overwhelming list of things to do. My approach is step by step, achievable and realistic. I work closely with you to create a health and nutrition plan that is unique to your personal health goals, needs and lifestyle.

You hold the key to your health, but sometimes the body needs a little help. I look forward to listening to you, and guiding you on a restorative path to improve your health.


“We ran into Zoe at the A&E Pharmacy after yet another trip to see a Doctor with another tummy bug, around the 5th one of the season thanks to our Pandora’s Box of germ infested pre-schoolers at kindy. I had started reading into improving our children’s gut health and really didn’t know where to begin. Zoe was a blessing at the right moment for a desperate mother who needed a break for sick kids. After a few sessions with Zoe, the boys started to improve and their allergies subsided with overall health being noticeably better. The boys used to get sick any time a bug was going around and it was impossible for us to take a trip away without visiting the local hospital or packing all the meds. It became so tough we just stopped going away, or even going out. We have now been able to take a camping trip with everyone being well, and this was wonderful for our family.

Zoe has also put us in touch with someone who has been able to advise on small changes to our home to assist with improving the health of our home. Running into Zoe has made such a difference to our lives in less than a year. I cannot imagine where we might have been if we had not fallen under her care. We are so very grateful.” 

Lindy - Auckland

“We have really enjoyed working with Zoe to help support myself and my two children through eczema and allergies, finding her very approachable and down to earth. She is very thorough and understanding with a great knowledge base. Zoe looks at the whole picture and then finds solutions that will work for you. We have no hesitation in recommending Zoe for help and support.”

Lee - Southland

I've worked with Zoe closely to get my health on track. Zoe is fantastic. She’s warm, kind, helpful and so so knowledgeable. Having someone with a background as a Pharmacist means that she is able to provide sound health advice that, where needed, combines both conventional and natural health. It's the best of both worlds.

She’s very easy to talk to and makes others feel comfortable opening up, which is vital for a successful practitioner – student relationship. The health plan and goals provided by Zoe have made a big difference to my overall health and I look forward to improving my health further with her guidance. She is so passionate about health and helping others, and this passion shows in her work and the health outcomes she helps to achieve.

Stephanie - Tauranga