Initial Naturopathic Consultation - What to Expect

  • $200 | 90 minutes 

At the initial consultation, we will cover your full health and medical history, current diet and lifestyle, plus review any recent blood & diagnostic tests you may have. Additional testing may be recommended if considered necessary. Foundational treatment may be recommended on the day, with some key goals for your diet and lifestyle to work on before you receive your health plan. Within one week you will receive your treatment plan to your email address.

Recommendations may include nutritional, and lifestyle advise, herbal medicine, targeted nutritional supplementation & customised topical treatments (for skin conditions). 

You will benefit from:

  • In-depth case-take to assess health concerns and goals
  • In-depth analysis of dietary patterns
  • Pathology referral if indicated
  • Short-term treatment plan. You may get some foundational treatment on the day including some key goals for your diet and lifestyle to work on.
  • Long-term treatment plan that is personalised to your case. 

Online or in person consultations for all appointments are available.

Refunds may be available for clients with Southern Cross Health Society, Accuro Health Insurance or other insurance companies depending on your insurance policy.

Follow Up Naturopathic Consultations

  • $120 | 60 minutes
  • $95 | 30-45 minutes

Consecutive follow ups provide ongoing health assessment and review your health plan. 

Regular follow ups are important check-in's to review progress and help you maintain momentum. I keep you motivated, acting as your personal cheerleader. These may be fortnightly, monthly, or at six-weekly intervals depending on the individual case. The number of follow up consultations usually reduce and become further apart as your health improves. 

Online or in person consultations are available for all services.

Microbiome Analysis (with Zoe – Certified Microbiome Analyst)

  • $125

This fee covers the extensive data analysis of your microbiome test results and preparation of a written treatment plan.

A discussion of your microbiome results and treatment plan will be at your follow up appointment (appointment fee applies)

The Skin Clinic Initial Consultation

  • $200 | 90 minutes - Adults and Children 6 and over
  • $165 | 60 - 90 minutes - Children 5 and under

This consult focusses on treating and managing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. At the initial consultation we cover, your full health and medical history, current diet and lifestyle, plus discuss any recent blood and diagnostic tests you may have. Zoe follows the integrative dermatological approach that is based on proven scientific research. Treatment recommendations may include natural topical and oral medications and dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Read more here: The Skin Clinic

Photos need to be sent via email prior to any online/Zoom consultations.

Within one week you will receive your treatment plan to your email address.

The Skin Clinic Follow Up Consultations

  • $120 | 60 minutes
  • $95 | 30-45 minutes

Consecutive follow ups provide an ongoing assessment and review of your treatment plan. The number of follow ups needed is dependent upon the condition. Some conditions resolve quickly, while others may take longer and require additional maintenance support, but consultations will be less frequent.

Havening Techniques®

  • $150 | 60 minutes

Havening is a psychosensory technique based on recent knowledge in the field of neuroscience. It offers you an opportunity to live a less anxious, healthier, happier life. Havening means to put in a safe place and each session provides immediate calm and relaxation. A havening session removes the emotional component associated with any past encoded trauma. It can be used for a range of health conditions including anxiety, phobias, chronic pain, PTSD, panic attacks, stress, allergies, skin conditions and more. It can also help remove self-limiting beliefs, improve confidence, improve performance, and help with emotional eating. 

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Complimentary discovery call

  • FREE

A 15 min complimentary call with Zoe to discuss your health concerns/condition. A chance to further understand the consultation process, ask any questions and decide if naturopathic treatment is right for you

“Health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine" John Lubbock