We use clinically proven integrated 

dermatology to treat  eczema, psoriasis, 

and many other skin conditions

Consultation for children skin eczema
The skin clinic consultation for Eczema Acne Psoriasis


What happens at an initial consultation?

At the initial consultation you will meet with your practitioner for 60 to 90 minutes who will complete a thorough skin assessment. For online telehealth consultations we use photographs that are emailed through prior.

We also delve into lifestyle, nutrition, medical history, pathology, gut health and more to help identify the triggers and root causes of your skin condition. 

Your practitioner will provide advice on the approach to take. Often this will include a prescription for oral natural medicines and natural topical treatments (additional charges apply, $100-$250 on average).

What happens next?

After the consultation your practitioner will prepare and send you a personalised treatment plan that outlines the treatment approach, and any dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Our treatment addresses your primary and secondary triggers so that you can successfully manage your skin condition over the long term.

It is recommended that a follow up consultation is booked for 2 to 3 weeks after your first consultation to review progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed.

In many instances your skin condition can be resolved quickly, while other chronic skin conditions will require longer term support. Your practitioner will advise on treatment expectations and guide you throughout the process.

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We treat acute flare-ups to chronic skin conditions for all ages from infants, children and adults