Have you tried everything to treat your eczema, acne or psoriasis with little success?

Or maybe you’re searching for a natural solution that doesn’t involve steroid creams?

Whatever the reason, the Skin Clinic is the solution you have been looking for.

We delve into the causes of your skin condition and formulate a personalised treatment based on your individual needs

How The Skin Clinic Works

Our whole aim is to help you and your family love the skin you live in.

We don’t want you to lose sleep due to itchiness or discomfort (or worrying about your little ones doing the same), or feel you need to hide under layers of clothing, or even waste time and money on ineffective treatments.

We want you to have the confidence to live your life your way.

And we can help you get that confidence with our proven process:

  1. Book a consultation.
  2. Complete a pre-consult form that tells us about your family history and medication.
  3. Attend a 60-90-min consultation with expert naturopath and nutritionist Zoe where we’ll discover the primary and secondary triggers for your skin condition.

Then, it’s over to us! 

We’ll take all that information and develop a natural treatment that addresses those triggers and more

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  1. A personalised treatment plan including recommendations for diet and lifestyle presented
  2. Individually formulated oral and topical treatments developed based on your needs (product at an additional cost)

Some conditions resolve quickly, while others may take longer and require additional maintenance support to ensure you are feeling relief and comfort. 

Why The Skin Clinic?

  • We are experts in treating eczema, acne and psoriasis
  • All ages are welcome - from 0-99+, we have safe treatment options for everyone
  • Our natural treatments are safe and effective
  • Backed by proven scientific research
  • Holistic treatment by an expert naturopath and nutritionist - we look at your internal triggers and don't simply treat externally
  • We work alongside your doctor or GP for a total treatment
  • Our clinic is small enough to care, but is backed by industry big guns to provide you with the best possible solution

We’d love to give you the confidence and comfort to live your life loving the skin you are in.